Black Women Entrepreneur

Who We Are

With remarkable photography, astounding makeup, and a captivating studio, SmashGlam is in a class of its own. Co-founders Aisha Bullocks - Smash Glam President and Image Consultant, and Tiffany Cody - Chief Operating Officer and Master Photographer, bring years of expertise and undeniable talent to their craft.

By realizing the value of strategic partnership, Aisha and Tiffany now have the capacity to reach a broader client base, expand beyond their individual expertise and are the embodiment of the success Black women can enjoy when they combine their gifts for a higher purpose.

Aisha’s and Tiffany’s passion for building women up from the inside out extends beyond the walls of the studio to the greater community. With programs like the Smash Glam Branding Bootcamp for teen girls and their work to develop women owned small businesses, Smashglam is more than a makeover.

Based in Kansas City and serving the Kansas and Missouri markets, the Smash Glam Squad is nationally commissioned and recognized for its expertise in the field of cosmetology and photography.

About Aisha

Aisha is a highly skilled cosmetologist with an ability to reveal the natural beauty of clients. Working with business professionals, entrepreneurs and popular brands, she’s able to aid organizations in attracting their ideal clientele and talent.

Aisha's portfolio includes features in major publications such Essence, Black Enterprise and Black Bride Magazine. Aisha’s love for makeup is second to her passion for self-care. She is partial to natural hair and skin care treatments - dedicating time to research organic hair and skin care regimens, and developing essential oil recipes.

When Aisha is not building her business, she enjoys spending time with her entrepreneur friends, going on nature walks, hiking, riding bikes, antiquing, playing video games with her boys and husband.

About Tiffany

Tiffany sees life in photographs and has spent the last 20 years sharing her artistic view with the world.

The portrait and lifestyle photo-shoot experience that Tiffany crafts marries the aesthetic appeal of fashion photography with the professionalism of traditional corporate headshots. Whether she’s capturing the innate beauty of models of color, producing video content for small businesses, or curating individualized SmashGlammed shoots, the result is truly authentic, just like her clients.

When Tiffany is not behind a camera, you will find her having coffee with fellow entrepreneurs, spending time with her husband, being entertained by her adventurous kids, and traveling the world with her girlfriends.