You asked for it...we listened!  This is the first of many makeup tutorials from the pro closets of Smash Glam!  Look for the best tips and tricks from us and some of the most talented wedding, beauty and photography professionals in the business. 

We decided to start with this "How to Apply Winged Eyeliner" tutorial from our friends over at Motives Cosmetics.  Enjoy!

Maven Element Palette was used to complete the look in the video.

1. Start with the eyeliner at the outer end of your eye and draw a diagonal line up towards the end of your eyebrow (this is a guideline for how you will create the wing)

2. At the the outer end of your eye where you created the sharp point, bring the eyeliner in towards the inner corner of your eye (you may have to hold the lid taut) 

3. Now close your eye to check the angle you created to see if is straight  

4. Once you've checked your eye and its to your liking take the eyeliner and fill in the line you created. 

5. Put on your favorite eyelashes ( this step is optional)

6. Once your lashes are on check your eyeliner again to make sure it's lined up with your lashes and your done. 

The step by step was created using Little Black Dress , (gel eyeliner) 

and an Angled Eyeliner Brush

Winged Eyeliner

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