We have all seen the girl with the perfect brows and wondered...HOW DID SHE DO IT!  Well this eyebrow tutorial will help you get to the perfect brow in no time.  Follow these detail instruction on how to to fill in your eyebrows.  Soon, you will be the girl with the Perfect Brows.

What You Need


Brow Pencil

Brow Gel and Angled Brush (if not using brow pencil)

Client: T. Vaughn  Photo and MUA Credit: Smash Glam

Client: T. Vaughn

Photo and MUA Credit: Smash Glam

Steps to the Perfect Eyebrow

  1. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in your brows 
  2. Start at the bottom of your brow and follow the shape of your brow 
  3. At the arch stop and fill in the top of your brow, where the bottom and top line meet at the arch use that as a guide to finish the shape towards your outer eye. Don't worry about it being perfect you will lose your concealer later to clean it up. 
  4. Once you've filled in the brow you can start to define the shape by using more of the pencil or brow powder towards the arch and end to create a gradient effect.
  5. To ensure that the brow looks natural use a eyebrow spool or brush to blend/ soften where the brow begins 
  6. To give your brows a "just done" look use a concealer brush and a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and clean up under the brow and blend it down. This gives your brow a lifted and highlighted look. This step is optional: take a concealer that's your skin tone and clean up the top of your brows and blend it out upwards.
  7. If you've noticed you brushed your brows too much and the color has faded or smudged use a little bit more of your eyebrow pencil or powder to feel in those areas and you're done!